Designed to improve the performance for any A/C, refrigeration system, or heat pump without modification or alterations. The NMR technology uses nanotechnology to increase SEER, COP, and Delta T through thermo-conductive metal enhancement. Remove heat from the metal surface, accelerate refrigerant flow, increase thermo-conductivity and transfer heat more efficiently throughout the equipment.

  • Reduction of 10-30% in energy consumption directly at the unit
  • Improvement in the thermal heat energy transfer ability of the overall system
  • Restoration of system capacity and EER lost over time
  • Reduction in Amp draw due to reduction of mechanical heat energy

There is an industry wide endemic problem in climate control equipment.


A.S.H.R.A.E. (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers) has studied the problem of thermal degradation. Within the first five years of a system’s life, efficiency degrades up to 30%. Thermal degradation prevents the equipment from operating at the original design efficiency leading to longer runtimes and additional kWh consumption.

As studied by A.S.H.R.A.E., during the refrigerant compression process, oil migrates from the compressor to the coil system, contaminating the metals that transfer heat. Compressors that use oil for lubrication cannot fully prevent oil from coating the coils. The smallest amount of oil in the coil system creates a coating that will hinder heat transfer, reducing total system efficiency.

Under-performing equipment is tolerated, supplemented or replaced. These outcomes are expensive, wasteful and environmentally harmful. They are also unnecessary because the underlying cause of the inefficiency has been positively identified by the industry and can be permanently eradicated by a proven scientific chemical process.

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